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What’s the best mattress for your back and neck? This may be a question that might have come to your mind many times. The thing with mattresses is that they seem to be virtually everywhere and that they seem to be so different from one another that is difficult to make a choice. This buying guide is focused on providing you with the right information for getting the best model for your needs.



As mentioned above, there are many types of mattresses on the market, but let’s focus on the materials used for a moment. There are innerspring mattresses that are very comfortable especially for overweight people with back pains. Of course, they are not all the same, but more on support and feel a bit later. The next on the list is memory foam which is considered great for those with chronic back pains. Latex is another material considered the best for back pains.


Support and feel

What you need in order to make sure the mattress you want is best for your back is a combination of good support and feel. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they should buy a really hard mattress, but this is not a good option. A medium soft feel and proper support must combine in order to offer you the best conditions for a relaxing, comfortable sleep.


Warranties and trials

Search for the best mattress to support your back by taking into account any offered warranties and trial periods. Some manufacturers allow their customers to try mattresses for a certain duration of time, and the possibility to return them if they are not satisfied. A long warranty is also a good sign the manufacturer values their customers.

You will find the best mattresses for your back listed below.



Top Mattresses for your Back in 2018



Resort Sleep Queen Size


1-resort-sleep-queenIf you really want the best mattress for your back in 2018, you will find this model to be exactly what you need.

The special construction of this mattress is designed for maximizing comfort, so your back will feel pampered, too. The base is made of extra thick high density foam, so you can enjoy proper support.

The upper layer is made of 2.5 inches of premium Visco-Elastic memory foam. There is no wonder so many people think they are sleeping in a high end luxury hotel when they rest on this mattress. A great thing about this mattress is that it does not allow you to become too hot.

The structure is breathable and you will be able to enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. For those worried about motion transfer, this mattress offers peace of mind; the durable core ensures that you will not disturb your partner while moving around in your place.

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Englander Finale 


2-englander-finaleThe mattress reviewed here is covered by a quilted cover that adds to the overall great comfort offered. You will appreciate how your weight is evenly distributed, so that you don’t feel pressure points being affected and becoming painful after a night’s sleep.

The CertiPUR-US certification is a great plus and lets you know that no dangerous chemicals were used in the making of this mattress. What is interesting about this mattress is that its springs are organized in such a way that motion transfer and noise are greatly reduced.

At the same time, you will feel how you receive optimal support so that your back, legs, and shoulders are all comfortable. Basically, it is safe to say that this is a good contender for the title of the best mattress for back pain.

For advanced comfort and restful nights, this model is a great choice for you to consider.

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DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 


3-dreamfoam-mattressThe best mattress reviews in 2018 often mention this specific model. The latex mattress is 10 inches in height and it is considered a great choice for those who suffer from back pains.

Generally speaking latex mattresses seem to be the best when it comes to accommodating those with bad backs, so there is no wonder that this model is included in our selection. The base is made of high density foam, so proper support is readily provided. The bamboo cover adds to the luxurious feel of this mattress.

The medium soft feel of the mattress will offer you a cocoon like effect that you will appreciate after spending a few nights on this mattress. Although soft on the top, the mattress offers great support, due to the very durable and dense base. This mattress is made in the US and it is highly appreciated by buyers.

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