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People are different when it comes to sleeping patterns. Some prefer sleeping on their backs, others on one side, while some prefer sleeping on their belly. Sometimes these preferences are not a matter of choice, but rather because they suffer from certain pains, especially in the back area. Side sleepers, for instance, have other preferences when it comes to selecting a mattress than someone who sleeps in a different position. This buying guide is focused on offering you information on how to identify the best mattress for side sleepers in 2018.


Medium feel

There are mattresses with a soft feel, some with a medium feel and others with a hard feel. If you are the type of person who prefers sleeping on one side, a medium feel mattress would be the best choice for you. This type of feel offers just the right amount of comfort, so that you do not feel like sinking into the mattress, nor that your side starts to hurt because the mattress is too hard.


Pressure point relief

Besides being medium feel, the best mattress for you as a side sleeper is a model that is designed to offer pressure point relief. Some parts of the body, should as the shoulders and the hips are forced to support the entire body weight when you are sleeping on one side. That is why mattresses with a sturdy core but with a layer of memory foam on top are the most indicated for great pressure point relief, and a good night sleep.



A breathable cover that wicks fast and lets your skin breathe, as well as a safety certificate that guarantees that no allergens have been used in the making of your mattress will help you sleep more comfortably.

The best mattresses for people who prefer sleeping on one side are listed below.



Top Mattresses for Side Sleepers in 2018



Bamboo Gel 13 


1-bamboo-gel-13Right from the description of this model you will be able to tell that this is the best type of mattress for side sleepers.

Its medium feel guarantees that you will not wake up with pains all over your body and it is a good fit for almost all categories of sleepers, but in particular for people sleeping on one side. The CertiPUR-US certificate guarantees that no flame retardants, phthalates, and other toxic substances have been used during the manufacturing process and this is a great plus.

The top layer consists of 3.5 inches of gel memory foam that easily takes after the shape of your body, guaranteeing pressure relief and great spine alignment. You will be able to toss and turn all you and that without disturbing your partner, but the best part is that you will not have to do that to fall asleep. This is a very comfortable mattress, ideal for side sleepers.

Buy from for ($339.7)



Resort Sleep 10 inch


2-resort-sleep-10-inchThe top layer of this mattress is made from 2.5 inches of a special type of foam that offers perfect contour, so that your body easily relaxes.

The support base of made from extra thick foam, and the durability of this mattress is guaranteed.

When you are sleeping on this mattress, you will feel like sleeping in a luxury hotel and that will work wonders for your sleep. The best mattress for side sleepers reviews 2018 praise this model for the optimal comfort it provides, due to its cooling system that does not allow the mattress to heat your body while you are asleep.

Because proper pressure point relief is provided, you will not have to toss and turn for long periods of time before falling asleep. The cover can be removed and washed, so you can enjoy clean, comfortable bedding all the time.

Buy from for ($199.95)




Resort Sleep Ultra 


3-resort-sleep-newIf you are looking for the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain, the Resort Sleep Ultra is among the best choice you can make.

Its deluxe top layer made of high quality foam is designed to offer just the right amount of support, without putting pressure on your shoulders and hips and you will wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day.

The gel memory foam used for the design of this mattress is breathable, so you will not feel warming up too much when you sleep on it. A great feel is what makes this mattress truly stand out, since all that you will be experiencing will be nothing but outstanding comfort.

The plush knit cover is made of soft textile fabric and it is zipped on, so it can be removed with ease, when you need to wash it. The manufacturer offers 20 years warranty on this model, along with a free pillow, made from memory foam.

Buy from for ($459.95)



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