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People suffering from lower back pains can have a hard time trying to sleep, and that is why they need a type of mattress that can address their particular issues. The following buying guide is focused on providing you with the necessary information on the most important features of the best mattress lower back pain in 2018.


Medium plush feel

Mattresses can range in firmness from being stiff as a board to being extremely soft. Depending on what kind of sleeper you want and your particular preferences and especially health issues, you will find that some mattresses are much better than others. For people who suffer from lower back pains, the best models are those with a medium plush feel, with a comfort level of 6 on the 1 to 10 scale used for evaluating the degree of firmness for mattresses by manufacturers. However, it is important to check with the manufacturer if this number corresponds with a medium plush feel, if you do not want to make any mistakes.


Good construction

There are a few things that must be said about the way these mattresses are designed. Regardless of whether they are made with springs or with memory foam, they should have some things in common. Motion transfer should be reduced to a minimum, so that one person sleeping in the bed can toss and turn without disturbing the other. Also, pressure point relief is important for a comfortable sleep.


Non toxic

Make sure that the mattress you intend to purchase is free of toxic compounds, such as flame retardants, formaldehydes, and phthalates. This way, your sleep will be more comfortable and you will not have to worry about your safety.

The best mattresses for lower back pain currently available are listed below.



Top Mattresses for Lower Back Pain in 2018



Englander Finale 


1-englander-finale-10-inchComfort is essential for anyone during sleep, but for people suffering from back pains, sleep can become a chore, and they never feel like they are properly rested. One model that is considered the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain, the Englander

Finale is built with the sleeper’s comfort in mind. First of all, the mattress is constructed in such a manner that the sleeper’s weight is evenly distributed, and you will not feel like one part of the body has to sustain the rest. This mattress comes with a special type of springs whose main role is to greatly reduce motion transfer.

At the same time, pressure point relief is ensured, and you will experience much less tossing and turning. Proper support is provided for all the points of the body in contact with the mattress. It must also be mentioned that the Englander Finale is CertiPUR-US certified for being free of toxic substances.

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Resort Sleep 10 Inch Twin Cooling


2-resort-sleepThe top layer of this mattress is made from top quality memory foam that ensures the best comfort for those sleeping on it. You will feel how your body is embraced by the top layer and you will sleep like a baby again.

The best mattress for lower back pain reviews in 2018 praise this model because it corrects an issue that has been known to affect memory foam mattresses for a while, which is the fact that your body gets too hot during the night.

Cooling innovations have been employed on this model, so that your body can maintain the proper temperature at nighttime, and you can sleep throughout the night without waking up because of such discomforts.

Tossing and turning are reduced and good pressure point relief is provided, and you will enjoy the best comfort possible. The knit cover is plush and luxurious and it can be removed for washing.

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Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 


3-dreamfoam-beddingIf you are looking for the best type of mattress for lower back pain, this model should be on your list.

Scoring a comfort level of 6 corresponding to a medium plush feel, this mattress is easy on your back and it provides you with the best conditions to ensure a good night sleep.

Another great thing about this mattress is that it is made with a special type of get foam that lets the top layer breathe, and, along with it, your body, so that you do not get too hot during the night. This product is made in the US and it comes with a 10 year warranty, a guarantee for its outstanding quality.

The manufacturer uses a particular type of construction for this mattress, that comes with a super soft quilt cover, 3 inches of Energex foam, and 6.25 inches of thick, high density foam. The core offers great support, while the other layers enhance the overall comfort levels.

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